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Knights of Columbus

Holy Rosary Council 10238

Isanti, Minnesota 55040

Volume 18           Issue 2          August 2004



Greetings Brother Knights and Family;


It has been a cool summer for us Knights of St. Elizabeth’s.   I just got home from the Knight’s Family picnic at Vic and Jackie Bennett’s house.  The picnic was a great time!  The weather was nice and as usual Vic and Jackie put together a tremendous spread of food.  We played volleyball, swam in the pool, and had a great time visiting with brother Knights, spouses, and families.   As Knights we work hard providing charity for many honorable causes.  However, one thing we all need to incorporate in our lives is to work on the Unity and Fraternity part of our lives as Knights.  In other words, “Knights that play together – stay together.”  I encourage each and every one of us to try to participate in anyway you can in K of C social functions.   You’ll enrich your life if you do!


The Pine County Fair was a success!  Even though it was cold and rainy 15 Knights from our council served beer and had a lot of fun doing it.  Scott Skalicky says the fair went well and he offered his thanks to all those who helped out!


The Knight’s annual Camporee in St. Cloud is set for the weekend of August 27th – 29th.  Let me know if you’ll be attending and I will share with you any other council members who are going. 


I’ve been asked to distribute copies of our roster at the next meeting.   I will see to it that copies are made available to everyone at the next regular meeting scheduled for August 26th, 2004.  I will be in Dallas on business that week and Duane Hermanson our Deputy Grand Knight will be running the next meeting.


Be sure to mark December 19th on your calendar.  We will be holding our annual blind auction at Wintergreen’s in Isanti. Details to come in future newsletters. 


Have a great month!



Todd Nelson, Grand Knight



Ole showed up at work with a black eye.  He explained it was caused by "SEENUS trouble".  "No, no" said one of his co-workers, "It's called SINUS trouble."  "Vell, all I know, said Ole, "is that I was out with this married voman and her husband SEEN us."



Thursday, August 26



q        Plan outside set up work that needs to be done for Setonfest September 14th and 16th.

q        Discuss how to Distribute Tootsie Roll Funds

q        New policy on tent and table usage for fellow Knights and parishioners.

q        Discuss and plan remaining outside landscaping that needs to occur

q        Other business or ideas



Knight of the Month:    Vic Bennett.  For all Vic and Jackie’s work hosting this years Family Picnic.  A great time was had by all who came.


Family of the Month:   Ron and Kathy Wicht for all their hard work at the food booth during the rodeo and for their time preparing for the Setonfest raffle.


Anniversaries of Note:  August 30, Janet and Terry Iverson, September 6, Marve and Dorine Schommer; September 11, Jon and Irene Gotfredson; September 12, Lyle and Carol Myren; September 19, Robert and Joan Wicht;


Birthdays of Note:   September 2, Patrick Hanson; September 16, Lawrence Tillman and Michael Knispel; September 20, Richard Pampuch

Calendar of Up Coming Events


August 26         Regular Thursday meeting 7:00 pm at St. Elizabeth’s


August 27-29    Knights of Columbus Camporee in St. Cloud


September 14    Setonfest setup 6:00 pm


September 16    Setonfest setup 6:00 pm


September 23    Regular  Thursday meeting 7:00 pm at St. Elizabeth’s