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Knights of Columbus

Holy Rosary Council 10238

Isanti, Minnesota 55040

Volume 17           Issue 12          June 2004



Greetings Brother Knights and Family;


This will be my last newsletter and I want to begin by thanking all of our KC members for their support of our officers during this two year period of our term.  I also want to thank Jackie for her work preparing these newsletters.  During our June 24th meeting we will welcome our new officers and turn the meeting over to Todd, our new Grand Knight.


Our agenda for the meeting will include:


Thursday, June 24

  • Discussion for completion of the social hall KC display and cabinet

  • Discussion of Rodeo Parade float and Rodeo issues

  • Pine County Fair discussion

  • Establish a time for Quarterly Planning meeting

  • Continue discussion for completion of kitchen and church office.

  • Any new concerns or ideas.

 And for my last joke:


Last year Ole replaced all of the windows in his house with the expensive double pane energy efficient kind.  This week he got a call from the contractor complaining that his work had been completed a whole year ago and Ole had yet to pay him.

Ole said, "boy or boy, did ve go around!  Just because I'm a Swede doesn't mean that I'm automatically stupid.  So, I proceeded to tell him yust vat his fast talking sales guy had told me last year  ...dat in vone year da windows vood pay for demselves.  Dare was silence on da utter end of da line so I yust hung up and haven't heard back. Guess I won dat stupid argument!"


Thanks again for your great work during this last year and let’s keep it up and support Todd and the new officers during this next year.



 Dean Carpenter, Grand Knight




Calendar of Events



June 24       Regular Thursday meeting at St. Elizabeth’s at 7 pm

                    (Election of Officers)


July 8          Isanti Rodeo Parade


July 9-11    Isanti Rodeo


July 22        Regular Thursday meeting at St. Elizabeth’s at 7 pm



Alphabet Prayer


A.      Almighty God

B.       Bless my family and me

C.       Comfort me

D.      Draw me to you in prayer

E.       Enlighten me

F.       Forgive my sins

G.      Give me a few good friends

H.      Help me to do your will

I.         I am Your servant

J.        Joyful are my days

K.      Keep me from harm

L.       Lead me to still waters

M.     Make me a vessel of your love

N.      Nature is your masterpiece

O.      Open new doors for me

P.       Please, grant me peace of mind

Q.      Quench my thirst for knowledge

R.       Reside with me always

S.        Shield me from danger

T.       Teach me to love unconditionally

U.      Use me to inspire others

V.       Visit me in solitude

W.     When I fail, lift me up

X.      XXX’s stand for my love for YOU

Y.       Your love fills me with Gratitude

Z.       Zestfully, I thank YOU,



Knight of the Month:    Gene Wicht for his continuous contributions to our council and church.


Family of the Month:   Pat & Marcia Cunningham for their support of our church and involvement in setting up our liturgical minister lists.


Anniversaries of Note:  June 26, Linda and William Bottema; June 28, Patricia and Ray Cronin; June 29, Geri and Bob Morley; July 2, Marcia and Patrick Cunningham; July 5, Dorinda and Daniel Strombeck; July 12, Judy and Craig Peterson


Birthdays of Note:   Henry Johnson; June 22, Robert Wicht; June 23, Dennis Schwientek and Carl Dahlke; July 1, Richard Francis and Brad Dutcher; July 4, Lyle Myren; July 5, Tony Jambor and Bryan Bottema; July 7, David Henderson; July 18, Harold Tompkins and Jon Gotfredson; July 28, Ron Wicht


Soldier's Corner

By Aaron Cronin


Knights and Families,


Germany is fantastic this time of year: The lush trees and meadows are stark contrast to the dull brown horizon of Iraq and Afghanistan.


The world is a small place, and the Army is even smaller. Last week I received a phone call from Dan Sundburg! Man, what a shock. He was in processing my Army post in Vilseck, Germany.


Today, Sunday, as I slipped into my seat at Church, I took a double glance at the guy sitting in front of me. At the exchange of greetings, Dan Sundburg turned around we shook hands. It felt like being home again at St. Elizabeth’s. I haven't seen Dan for probably 5 years!


The Army is like that. It's so reassuring to see familiar faces when so far from home. Whether on the battlefield (literally, I met an old buddy from St. John's University just south of Iraq's border at the war's start) or in Germany, it's good to know "home" is ANYWHERE friends bump into each other.


Also, I wonder how many marines, sailors, and airmen are part of the St. Elizabeth's family? Perhaps I should turn this into the "St. Michael's Corner", as he is the Patron Saint of all warriors?


Soldiering on,

Aaron Cronin


Aaron Cronin P.A.-C


94 ECB(H) Physician Assistant


DSN 476-2162/2163



2004-2006 Election Roster


q               Grand Knight:   Todd Nelson

q               Deputy G K:       Duane Hermanson

q               Inside Guard:    Tom Berglund

q               Outside Guard: Terry Iverson

q               Warden:             Steve Taray

q               Chancellor:         Gene Wicht

q               Recorder:           Vic Bennett

q               Treasurer:           Ray Cronin

q               Advocate:           Jim Rostberg

q               Trustee 3 year:  Dean Carpenter

q               Trustee 2 year:    Ray Schommer

q               Trustee 1 year:    Phil Frischmon