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Knights of Columbus

Holy Rosary Council 10238

Isanti, Minnesota 55040

Volume 18           Issue 12         June 2005



Greetings Brother Knights:

Just think back a few months and remember that winter weather we all put up with – doesn’t that make you feel grateful for the summer weather we’re having now!  Life is great in God’s country (Isanti).  Enjoy the summer and its activities.  Coming up we have the Pine County Fair (the demolition derby), Isanti Rodeo Days, our own Seton Fest, and the annual Safety Camp.  The best part is that we Knights play an important role in every one of these events.  We are brothers with a common purpose to serve and care for each other, our loved ones, the members of our church, and our community.

 In the month of June there are two important dates to remember.  On June 21st and 22nd is the Safety Camp chaired by Terry Iverson.  On the Wednesday the 22nd Terry needs some Knights to assist with the Ice Cream Social he’s planning for the kid’s. (763-444-7103) On June 26th there will be an “Open House” in the Church Social Hall for Father Frank.  The whole parish will be celebrating his 40th Anniversary as a priest.  Come to this event to help Father celebrate this wonderful milestone – Father Frank is a former Chaplain for our Council and we are grateful for his involvement and guidance. I look forward to seeing you there!

 The Isanti Rodeo is coming up in July and the Knights always try to pitch in at the church Food Booth.  This year the dates of the Rodeo are July 8th through the 10th.  Be sure to sign up for a shift or two if you can be there.  The parade is on Thursday, July 7, and Marv Schommer is getting the “float” ready for the Parade.  Please call Marv if you are interested in riding on the float.  (763-444-4928)    Just a reminder, if you are a 4th Degree member and plan on riding the float, please wear your regalia.

 At the planning meeting on the evening of Wednesday June 8th, we came up with the attached calendar of events including a few new events.   New events added; in August we will be taking all the servers to a Saints game.  We are planning to start early and do some tailgating at the ballpark.  We’d also like to try to do a Youth event in September – the   idea is to go bowling at Junction Bowl - the new Bowling Alley in town.   We’ll do it on a Sunday afternoon after church services. So watch for more details.  We would also like to do a family outing on Mille Lacs Lake, and last but not least -- On Sunday, October 9th, we are hosting a Parish Spaghetti Dinner to help us kick off our annual Food Drive.  We are currently looking for volunteers to coordinate or chair these events, if you are interested please call Todd at (763-434-6116).

 The State Convention was great and we managed to bring home two awards.  We received an ‘Honorable Mention’ for our Breakfast with Santa and 1st place for our council Scrapbook.  This is the 2nd year in a row that we have won top honors for our scrapbook.  Great job Knights and family members lets keep up the good work. 

 Our next meeting is June 23 we will hold our ‘Election of Officers for the 2005-2006 year’.  Please be sure to attend.  One final note, remember our graduates in your prayers, may they have success in their new adventures in life. Have a great month and we’ll speak to you again in July.


Yours in Christ,

Todd Nelson, Grand Knight


Upcoming Events




Isanti Rodeo Parade – Marv Schommer (763) 444-4928



Isanti Rodeo Food Booth



3rd Degree Meeting 7 pm at St. Elizabeth’s



Pine City Demo Derby at the Pine County Fair Grounds – Scott Skalicky

                                                                                              (763) 434-8841


Knight of the Month:    Dennis Carpenter -- A good man who demonstrates the traits of Charity and Participation that all us Knights should strive to exemplify with our lives


Family of the Month:    Vern and Donna Waldoch and family -- For their tireless support of our SAM ministry.  Vern is always seeing to it that people who need our stuffed bears get them.  Thank you Vern and Donna.


Anniversaries of Note:  June 18, Josephine and Lyle Nicklay and Joanne and Joe Mau; June 21, Kathleen and Jim Rostberg; June 23, Jeff and Renee Perowitz; June 27, Ralph and Sandy Wilkes; June 28, Patricia and Ray Cronin; June 29, Geri and Bob Morley; July 2, Patrick and Marcia Cunningham; July 5, Daniel and Dorinda Strombeck; July 7, Tom and Rhonda Berglund; July 16, Harold and Mary Tompkins; July 19, Michael and Susan Herbst; July 24, Andrew and Becky Cronin; July 27, Dennis and Judy Carpenter


Birthdays of Note:   June 1, Brian Beaufeaux; June 4, Pat Cunningham; June 8, Eugene Wicht; June 13, Ray Schommer; June 16, Craig Hiatt; June 20, Kenneth Knispel; June 21, Henry Johnson; June 22, Robert Wicht; June 23, Dennis Schwientek and Carl Dahlke; July 1, Richard Francis and Brad Dutcher; July 3, Fr. Frank Tomasiewicz; July 4, Lyle Myren; July 5, Tony Jambor; July 7, David Henderson; July 14, Tom Heinen; July 18, Harold Tompkins and Jon Gotfredson; July 28, Ron Wicht;


26 May 2005

 The Military Corner:


Dear Knights and Families,


I hope Isanti County is greening up as nice as Germany is. It’s amazing how much some sunshine can lighten your mood and relax stressed muscles. As I put a couple more years under my belt, I’ve learned to cherish every Spring season in the company of friends. The following story helped me realize friendship is the glue that keeps us together.

In early May this year, I was scheduled to attend an emergency medicine course at the Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Before flying to the States, I received a request from my old engineer battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Al Pantano.

Two of his engineer soldiers were severely burned during a convoy near Mosul, Iraq. They were traveling in their HMMWV, when the external gas tanks from the vehicle in front of them exploded, sending wet fuel back over them (The explosion was caused by the infamous “improvised explosive devices” commonly used against us there).

The fuel quickly ignited, and Sergeant Chavez escaped the vehicle. However, his gunner, Specialist Sele, was trapped inside (his flak jacket was hooked on some warped steel). Sergeant Chavez went through the back of the truck, grabbed Sele, and pulled him out. The vehicle completely burned to the ground.  Both were evacuated to Baghdad, Germany, then San Antonio. LTC Pantano wanted me to visit them there in the burn unit.

In the Army, soldiers wear patches on their right shoulder indicating their current unit. The 101st Airborne wear the “Screaming Eagle”, the reservists in Minnesota wear the “Red Bull”, etc. Once a soldier has been to combat, he/she can forever wear that unit’s patch as a “combat patch” on their left shoulder.

Well, since I’d been to combat with the engineers, I have the honor of wearing their patch on my left shoulder. When I walked into Sergeant Chavez’s door on the burn ward, he simply cracked, “Hey Sir, boy am I glad to see that patch”.

At St. Elizabeth’s, that same camaraderie exists; I’ve seen it. There’s a bond that doesn’t fade with time. Each of you has your KC “patch” to wear. Even when time and distance separate a Knight from St. Elizabeth’s Council, he simply needs to ask for help, and he’ll soon find a fellow KC by his side.

Until next time,

Aaron Cronin