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Knights of Columbus

Holy Rosary Council 10238

Isanti, Minnesota 55040

Volume 17           Issue 11          May 2004



Greetings Brother Knights and Family;


Once again thank you’s are in order for those who helped with highway pickup and the recent pancake breakfast.


With the help of our Youth Group a thorough spring cleaning of our portion of Highway 65 was accomplished.  It seems that the road doesn’t get any shorter or have less trash.


The Tootsie Roll drive was also held during the weekend of April 23-25th.  Thank you to all who participated in this annual fund raiser for the mentally handicapped.


We received approximately $650.00 in donations for the pancake breakfast served on May 2nd.  Although the agenda calls for a July breakfast, we will not have one because of the rodeo and other commitments.


April 18th the American Heart Association, the Isanti Fire Department and our council provided a Friends and Family CPR course for our parishioners and community.  “Hats off” to Terry Iverson for chairing this important community service and thanks go to the assistants who donated their time.  Terry presented the council with $110.00 collected from participants who each donated $5.00 for the course.


WOW --- $9,600 after expenses from our seven fish fries!!!  At our April council meeting it was agreed to present a check for $6,000 to Fr. Jose for the KC three-year commitment for the church addition.  A portion of the fish fry proceeds will also go toward completion of the new kitchen.


The Crowning of Mary was conducted after 6 pm Mass on May 1.  Tom Berglund held up his daughter, Cortney, who crowned Mary.  May is the month dedicated to our Mother of the church.


This year’s State Convention will be held May 14, 15 and 16th in Owatonna.  Annette and I, along with Debbie and Duane Hermanson will attend and bring back the latest from the State and Supreme councils.  Annette, with a little help from me, has been working on the scrapbook to enter into competition again this year. 


Father Ollie needs help this summer working on his house.  It would be good if some of the Knights could volunteer at least one day, different days, and different knights.  We have to remember he is also our substitute priest when Father Jose is gone.


Please remember to keep in your prayers our fellow Knights, Service personnel and others of our parish community.  Pray for Ray Cronin who is laid up at home after a little tumble while tree trimming.  Also keep in your prayers the Dennis Carpenter family.  Dennis’s mother, Elizabeth, died May 9th after a short illness.  Also continue praying for Richard Francis who has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition. 


The Isanti Fire Department got a call and it was from Ole.  “How do we get out to your place, Ole”? Inquired Kent, the Assistant Fire Chief.  “Vell”, said Ole, “You might use dat little red truck you got dere at da fire station”!



 Dean Carpenter, Grand Knight



Calendar of Events


May 27             Regular Thursday meeting at St. Elizabeth’s at 7 pm                   

June 24             Regular Thursday meeting at St. Elizabeth’s at 7 pm


Knight of the Month:  Terry Iverson for organizing the CPR for Friends and Family course and for all of his work promoting safety in our community.

Family of the Month:   Jose and Kathy Clemente, Sr.  Thank you for your years of support to our Council and Church.  We continue to pray for your sons in their service to our country.

Anniversaries of Note:  May 25, Anne and Phil Frischmon; May 29, Laurie and Brian Strike; June 18, Josephine and Lyle Nicklay and Joanne and Joe Mau; June 21, Kathleen and Jim Rostberg; June 26, Linda and William Bottema; June 28, Patricia and Ray Cronin; June 29, Geri and Bob Morley;

Birthdays of Note:   May 17, Kent Larson; May 28, Jim Rostberg; June 4, Pat Cunningham; June 8, Eugene Wicht; June 13, Ray Schommer; June 16, Craig Hiatt; June 21, Henry Johnson; June 22, Robert Wicht; June 23, Dennis Schwientek and Carl Dahlke


Soldiers Corner

by Aaron Cronin


Alright, I guess the thing to touch on is what the Media has on everyone's minds: Abu Gurab Prison.  One can not think about Iraq this past month without being drawn to the atrocities at Abu Gurab. Here's my two cents worth.

 It's unfortunate the criminals' acts defame the thousands of good deeds soldiers (including Tony Clemente and myself) accomplish every day in Iraq.

They are truly criminals, and not your American Soldiers.


Their acts do not reflect the values my parents, church, and Army taught me.

I personally worked at Abu Gurab during my tour. I used to be proud to say I sweated there and braved the dangerous convoy to its gates every day. It angers me that the good deeds my construction battalion and I accomplished are now mired in atrocity.

I encourage everyone to see through the media's tunnel-vision gaze and realize the coalition effort in Iraq is miraculous. Freedom is apparent everywhere where only fear ruled months before. Schools are renovated and supplied. Clean water, cooking gas, and electricity are now dependable. Crime is being fought, and friendships are founded. I promise each of you, that you can stand proud of the deeds Tony, my fellow soldiers, and I accomplished in Operation Iraqi Freedom. These deeds indeed show our Iraqi friends the values you instilled in us.

As we all live through the tragic crimes of Abu Gurab, let us all continue supporting our troops as they strive to accomplish our nation's will. 


Aaron Cronin P.A.-C


94 ECB(H) Physician Assistant

DSN 476-2162/2163

Prayer for the Armed Services
by Terence Cardinal Cooke*


O God, almighty and most gracious, we acknowledge your dominion on earth and in the heavens, and the infinite love manifest in your relationship with all people. As the Creator you have made the world and invited us to share in its development; as the Redeemer, you saved the world and invited us to participate in its salvation. Give to the men and women of the Armed Services the wisdom and courage to so live and sacrifice that, with justice maintained and true liberty safeguarded, all people everywhere may be possessed of that peace which you alone can give.  As they are called to engage in dangerous missions, be with them, their constant support and their ultimate goal. May they know your continuous care and protection as they give of themselves that others may know security and peace. Amen.
Our Lady, Queen of Peace, pray for us!


(*Note: Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR, Ed.D. was appointed promoter of the cause of Terence Cardinal Cooke in 1985. Cooke was appointed Bishop of the AMS and Cardinal of New York in 1968 and served until his death in 1983.)